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Business supporter scheme subscription charges 2024

Thanks for deciding to sign up as a supporter of Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. The quickest way to get signed up is to fill in this online form. Please note we will require a few details about your business, including text and a logo which will be used on our website in the buy Cornish directory.

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Annual Subscription
(exc. VAT)

Annual Subscription
(Incl. VAT)


Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Fish & Chip Shops, Cafes, etc..


Chains of Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Fish & Chip Shops, Cafes, etc..
Price is per establishment, with a 20% discount applied to the individual business cost.

Please note you have to fill in a separate form relating to each outlet.


Fisherman offering direct sales, fish mongers and wholesale fish merchants.

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Supporter scheme policy statement

Cornwall Wildlife Trust exists to protect Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places. It promotes its ethos to its members and beyond, with the aim to inspire one and all about nature.

We hope that the policy statement on this page will help companies, Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s individual and family members, and the public at large to understand the positive way in which Cornwall Good Seafood Guide relates to the business sector.

The Trust firmly believes that its conservation objectives can best be achieved if all sectors of the community, including relevant businesses, professions, trades, commerce and industry, work together for common aims.

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide (CGSG) enjoys the support of many businesses, large and small, from various sectors. These businesses are known as ‘CGSG Supporters’, who all recognise that supporting the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide makes business sense, and that helping towards healthy seas and supporting local fisheries is important to Cornwall as well as their business.

It is important for Cornwall Wildlife Trust to clearly set out the basis upon which it may either invite or accept organisations to become a CGSG Supporters. The focus of the CGSG Supporter scheme is firmly on individual business responsibility.

The Trust believes that the following criteria are relevant with respect to developing individual CGSG Supporter relationships:

• CGSG welcomes Supporters who share the same values as Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and recognise the need to have a healthy environment with a full range of wildlife, not only for its own sake, but to ensure that the world is a fit and safe place to pass on to the next generation.

• CGSG welcomes Supporters who have themselves considered their impact on the natural environment and have set these beliefs out clearly. Many businesses may have already formulated an environmental strategy for their company, but this is not a pre-requisite.

Conditions of membership:

• CGSG welcomes Supporters who endeavour to supply their customers with fresh Cornish seafood that is recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. If two or less types of seafood are available on the product list/menu then every effort must be made to ensure they are recommended species. If three or more types of seafood are sold there should be a minimum of two recommended species available.

• CGSG Supporters must abide by the ‘Guidelines for use of the CGSG logos’ overleaf, which have been designed to achieve a mutually beneficial agenda. The CGSG logo is a registered trademark.

• CGSG will not accept organisations or industries whose principles, policies or conduct are in obvious conflict with Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s values, or where an association might undermine the Trust’s reputation or credibility and/or damage its relationship with a significant number of its supporters.

• CGSG reserves the right to refuse the support of, or association with, any specific company or organisation and may cancel an established association if it becomes apparent that there are conflicts of interest with its objectives. In such a case, CGSG reserves the right to end the support of a Supporter by refunding a proportion of the support paid for the current year.

• An association with CGSG through its Supporter scheme does not imply in any way the endorsement of any idea, service, activity, position or product of the Supporter itself. It does however endorse the sale of specific seafood species and capture methods, in-line with the current CGSG recommended list.

Guidelines for the use of CGSG Logos

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide encourages Supporters to use the CGSG logos on their publicity materials to show that they are supporters of Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. There are two logos available for use: the main CGSG logo and the CGSG ‘recommended’ logo, as shown below.

Main CGSG LogoCGSG 'recommended' Logo

The following guidelines need to be followed governing the use of these logos:

The main CGSG logo can be used on a Supporter’s website to show their support for the project, provided that: It is used in full and not as part of any other image or logo.

It is hyperlinked to the CGSG homepage

The main CGSG logo can also be used on certain printed materials, for example: In public literature, product packaging, menus or catalogues.

In internal magazines and periodic newsletters.

Any use of the logo on printed materials must clearly acknowledge Cornwall Good Seafood Guide as a project of Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

The CGSG ‘recommended’ logo can be used on a website or printed materials, provided that:

It is only used to promote a Cornish species AND associated capture method that is recommended at the current time on the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide website. For clarification this means ‘pot-caught brown crab’ or ‘net-caught hake’ as examples.

In all cases, the logos:

Cannot be used in any way to indicate endorsement or sponsorship of any particular brand, product, idea, service or activity.

Cannot be used on company headed paper, email signatures or company vehicles without prior approval from Cornwall Good Seafood Guide.

The logo will be supplied in electronic format, as a JPEG. Other formats will be available on request.

Following any termination of their support, the CGSG Supporter must remove the logo from all its publicity materials within one month.

Please note that you must acknowledge that these guidelines have been read and understood before continuing.

Supporter Indemnity

In order to join the CGSG Supporter scheme you must read and acknowledge the following statement:

“I will endeavour to supply my customers with fresh Cornish seafood that is recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. If two or less types of seafood are being sold I will make every effort to ensure they are recommended species. If three or more types of seafood are sold I will ensure there are a minimum of two recommended species available.

I agree to promote Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to our customers by displaying an annual window sticker and certificate showing we are a Supporter. I will also provide the CGSG website address/leaflet/flyer to anyone who enquires about seafood sustainability, and will cooperate in using social media to promote the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide if applicable. Any images that I provide the project will be under appropriate licence for Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, in print and online, without any liability.

I acknowledge that I am permitted to highlight recommended species and their capture methods through the use of the CGSG logos on our menus, specials boards, packaging and/or company website. I have read and understand the ‘Guidelines for use of CGSG logos’ and I understand that use of these logos for any other purpose is prohibited. I understand that the logo is a Registered Trademark, and Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserves the right to control its use. I undertake not to use the logo to indicate endorsement or sponsorship of any brand, product, idea, service, or activity of the business without the prior consent

of Cornwall Good Seafood Guide.

I hereby indemnify Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Cornwall Good Seafood Guide for any loss or damage it may suffer as a result of unauthorised use of the CGSG logos. I acknowledge that permission to use the CGSG logos is valid only for the period of my support. I understand that following any termination of my support, I must remove the logos from all materials within one month.”

When completing our online registration form you will be asked to tick a box to state that you have read and understood this document and acknowledge the above statement.

Click here to download PDF of terms and conditions

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is underpinned by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Good Fish Guide. The first UK consumer guide to sustainable seafood. For more information visit

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