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Smoked mackerel pittas

smoked mackerel pittas
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The Cornish Fishmonger

The Cornish Fishmonger is a family run specialist online fishseller, involved in the fishing industry since its creation by Robert Clifford-Wing some thirty years ago.



2 smoked mackerel fillets 
125ml natural yoghurt 
Black pepper 
1 medium red onion 
A wedge of cucumber 
1 red apple 
4 mini pitta breads


Finely slice and dice all the veg. Remember to do the apple last, so it doesn't get a chance to go brown.
2. Skin and flake the mackerel into a bowl, add the yogurt, season with black pepper, mix and set aside.
3. Warm the pittas under the grill for about a minute each side, slice and simply stuff with the filling.
Recipe by Seafish, Fish is the Dish


Ring Netting

Cornish waters VIIe, f, g and h

Ring nets are used to encircle a shoal of pelagic fish. the main target species are sardines and anchovies but occasionally there is a by catch of mackerel landed.

Gill Netting


Gill nets are used during winter months on the south coast to target mackerel.


Cornwall areas VIIe and VIIf

A low impact, selective method of fishing using hook and line.

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