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Chris Ranger


Chris Ranger

Image | Fal Oyster

Boat name

Alf Smythers

Fishing Method

Hand Collection, Sail and Oar

Chris Ranger fishes for native oysters and queen scallops aboard his traditional oyster boat the Alf Smythers. Fishing using oyster dredges the traditional way under sail and oar.  Chis is a registered fish merchant who also sells the following local seafood;

Sail Boat Cornish Native ‘Fal Oysters’ PDO Approved 
Hand Gathered Fal Pacific (rock) Oysters 
Hand Gathered and Farmed Cornish Mussels
Hand Gathered Cockles and Winkles
All of the above are purified to the highest FSA/DEFRA/CEFAS/EHO Standards 
Sail Boat Variegated ‘Queens’ Scallops
Trawl or Eco Dredge White ‘Queens’ Scallops
Trawl or Eco Dredge King Scallops
Pectinadae can be purified but not a legal requirement 
Pot Brown Crab
Pot Spider Crab
Pot Velvet Crab
For more infomation and contact details please visit the Fal Oyster page

Fish Caught

Native Oyster

Native Oyster

Ostrea edulis

Pacific oyster

Pacific oyster

Magallana gigas

Queen Scallops, Seafish

Queen Scallop

Mimachalmys varia

Slipper Limpet

Slipper limpet

Crepidula fornicata

spider crab by Sarah McCartney

Spider Crab

Maja brachydactyla

Velvet crab by Sarah McCartney

Velvet crab

Necora puber

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