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How We Are Funded

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is a project of Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

The project is now funded by Cornwall Wildlife Trust with additional financial support from companies participating in our supporters scheme, and by donations from the public. 

It costs alot of money to maintain and promote Cornwall Good Seafood guide - Please consider making a donation


Cornwall Good Seafood Guide was established in 2015 with grant funding from the European Fisheries Fund, the Marine Management Organisation, and Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Fisheries Local Action Group. Additional funding was provided in 2019 by the European Marine and Fisheries Fund.

Additional funding was provided in 2019 by European Marine And Fisheries Fund.


Throughout the project we have been supported by web design agency Dewsign

In 2020 we have also been supported by a generous donation from the Fishmongers Company, who appreciate the work we are doing to highlight sustainability, and supporting the fishing industry as well as helping to educate the public and businesses. 




Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is underpinned by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Good Fish Guide. The first UK consumer guide to sustainable seafood. For more information visit

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